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About Xiamen

Located in the southern part of Fujian province and the west coast of the Taiwan Strait, separated from Quemoy island only by a narrow stripe of water, Xiamen is a traditional trading port in southeast China and a famous tourist coastal city as well.   It covers an area of 1,565sq. Kilometers and has a population of 1,26 million.

As one of the earliest special economic zones in China, Xiamen is empowered with both provincial-level authorities in economic administrator and local legislative power. Since the special economic zone was established in xiamen,the City's national economy has experienced a sustained, rapid and coordinated growth. Xiamen has been accredited as a National Sanitary City, National Garden City, National Model City for environmental Protection and National Excellent Tourist City.
Xiamen port is one of the top 10 ports of China .It boasts of 80 berths of various sizes. There are navigation routes from Xiamen to over 60 ports in more than 40 countries and regions. With 62 international and domestic air routes opened, xiamen gaoqi international Airport is a main air hub in east China. The well-developed system of railway and highway transportation links the city with all over the country.